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Sushi Party Kit @Makukellari

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Plate for Sushi, for lovely Sushi party

When you buy the set of Sushi take away, how do you make the beautiful presentation for Sushi party at your office/home?
Here is one answer, the products from Japan where is the Sushi origin country.
– The handy size of the plate is suitable for party use. This unique shape allows grabbed by any directions.
– Soy sauce is the best sauce for Sushi, but that black liquid is easy to spread out on the plate and always dirty. This sauce pot place gives you a nicer space of the black liquid and stylish solution.
–  The plate is made by natural pulp, the chopstick is made by bamboo, these are the one time use and everything is organic. You can put into fire when you bring the Sushi for outdoor picnic.
Now Solailo Sushi party kit is on sale in the shop of Makukellari, located in city center in Oulu, Pakkahuoneenkatu 5.
The price is 7,8€ includes 6pcs of Sushi plate and 6pcs of colorful chopsticks.

Makukellari is serving Sushi salad buffet in lunch time, also take away Sushi. Take some Sushi with this party kit provides a good Sushi party to you!


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Hyvää Juhannusta!

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Romantic Sushi with stanning sunset.
“Sushi Party Kit (by Solailo.)” x “Takako Sushi (by Makukellari)”, @Oulu, 18th June 2015.

In Finland, here in Oulu north 65 degree, mid-summer is  night-less night (In Finnish yöton yö). Sunlight never goes down and keep the white night. This shot was taken at 23:00, still blight and time for Sushi for endless night…. more presentation is in portfolio.

For your stylish Sushi presentations, “Solailo.” is now selling a Sushi kit (colorful chopsticks and cool paper plate) in the online shop. With your own Sushi, or with takeaway Sushi, you can create your own beautiful Sushi scene at home, at outdoor. 100% organic products provide the better quality life to you with beautiful nature.

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