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Presentation for Vappu

“Solailo.” celebrated Vappu (Mayday in Finland) by Sushi presentation.
Here has some ideas for future Solailo projects such as Sushi recipes, chopsticks etc.

Shortly, here is the Sushi recipes for this Vappu.

Sushi Ball

(Kylmäsavulohi/Avokado Sushi pallo)

– Sushi Rice
– Cold smoked salmon
– Avocado
– Purjosipuli (white part)
– Mayonnaise

Sushi Roll

(Salaatti Sushi Rulla)

– Sushi Rice
– Cheese
– Red paprika
– Salad leaf
– Sesame (for Sushi outside)

Please keep your eyes on Solailo’s posts!

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