Recipe – Sushi Rulla (Nakki)

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Finland roll? Nakki Sushi

“Makkara”, “Nakki” are sausages in Finland. What is the common food in Finland? I always say “Makkara sausage” (Please correct me if wrong 🙂 ).
This is very common, and mandatory to bring when we go to picnic by forest hiking in Summer, by skiing in winter. always with this Makkara sausage.

One of the theme of this “Solailo.” project is “Finland x Japan Inspiration”. Then one answer is “Makkara x Sushi”, here it is.
But this recipe, this is not a challenged recipe even in Japan, in Sushi home country. This recipe is quoted from common recipe website of Japan, good for children menu, for example the lunch box in picnic. Very safety and also fresh feeling even for Japanese as western Sushi. 🙂


All you can get these ingredients in Finnish super maket (K-market, Prisma etc) but the Sushi rice vinegar and Nori (Seaweed sheet), you can get better products at the Asian shop Makukellari.

– Sushi Rice (made by Sushi vinegar)
– Seaweed sheet (Nori)
– Sausage (Nakki, Makkara)
– Salad leaf (Salaatti)
– Carrot (Porkkana)
– Cream cheese (Tuorejuusto)


1. Cut Carrot and boil

Cut the carrot into the long pieces, almost same size of the sausage.
Boil the carrots until becomes soft.

2. Fry sausage

Fry Nakki sausage, very simple.
In case of using Makkara (bigger sausage), cut to small pieces for easy rolling later.

3. Roll

Lay a nori (seaweed) sheet on the Sushi mat, shiny-side down.
Pat handfuls of rice on top in thin layer, leaving the furthest edge from you clear. (the thickness of the rice is needed to control depending on the ingredients volumes)
Put the salad leaves, sausages and carrots, and then cream cheese topping (much volume is better)
Lift the edge of the mat over the rice, applying a little pressure to keep everything in a tight roll.

4. Cut

Cut the Sushi roll into small pieces.
The knife should be sharpen and clean all the time. Recommend to wipe and clean the knife in every cut. Dirty knife makes dirty Sushi, be careful.

Good combination with Sausage and cream cheese

  • NakkiRulla ingredients
  • Rulla-Boil carrot
  • Rulla-Fry Nakki
  • Rulla-Nori
  • Rulla-Sushi rice
  • Rulla-Toppings
  • Rulla-Cream cheese
  • Rulla-Rolling
  • Rulla-Cutting
  • Rulla-Finish!

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