Recipe – Sushi Pallo (klymäsavulohi)

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Easy Sushi ball

Sushi ball (Temari-zushi in Japanese), is the easiest Sushi and making it beautiful.
This is one example provided at the restaurant day, using cucumber and cold smoked salmon. Using this technique with different ingredients, you can make it by your own Sushi. Try it!

This Sushi ball, it is made by cling film (tuorekelmu), it is clean and safety for the food. The procedure is very simple, you can enjoy also with kids to make family Sushi at home!


– Sushi Rice
– Cold smoked salmon (Kylmäsavulohi)
– Cucumber (Kurkku)
– Leek (Purjosipli)
– Mayonnaise


1. Cut Salmon and Cucumber

Cut the salmon and cucumbers into small pieces.
Put salts to cucumber to make softer. And then wash by water to remove the salty taste.

2. Make the ball, twist it!

Prepare the sheet of cling film (tuorekelmu),
Put the materials,
Put the Sushi rice,
Wrap and twist it! Making a ball.
Unwrap then done!

3. Put toppings

Put Mayonnaise on top of the ball.
Put the thin sliced Leek (Purjosipli)

Easy! Clean! Delicious!

  • Lohipallo -ingredients
  • Preparations
  • Sushipallo-put the materials
  • Sushipallo-sushi rice
  • Sushipallo-wrap by cling film
  • Sushipallo-twisting
  • Sushipallo-making ball
  • Sushipallo-unwrap
  • Sushipallo

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