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Sushi vs Riisipiirakka

Same toppings but different appearance.
What’s the differences?? Let’s see more details….
Japanese tradition rice (Sushi) vs Finland tradition pie (Riisipiirakka), but there are many common senses and both are wonderful for cocktail party scenes.

Now summer has comes, let’s take it away for terrace with your favorite wines….

Sushi Rice

– Rice (Puuroriisi)
– Vinegar
– Sugar
– Soup base


– Rice (Puuroriisi)
– Rye flour
– Salt
– Milk

Toppings (Common for Sushi and Riisipiirakka)

– Cold smoked salmon (Kylmäsavulohi)
– Chives (Ruohosipuli)
– Cucumber (Kurkku)

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