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New Project!

New product line is launched – Aurora T-shirts. One of the Solailo’s feature is the photography of Aurora, Northern lights (Revontulet in Finnish), especially Oulu’s Auroras. Now those Aurora photographs are printed on the T-shirts, you can enjoy the stunning aurora pictures with your daily life, but also can give a gift/souvenirs from Oulu Finland which located at just behind the arctic circle and IT high-tech city.


The production and delivery is operated by UK company, spreadshirt. The ordering/delivery/service are all safety!

  • Delivery to Finland  is 4.00€ ( – 24.89€ product price), and 7.90€ (€24,90 – € 119,99 total product price), delivery time is approx. 1 week.
  • Global delivery to all over the world, please check the delivery price list.
  • Fair return policy by spreadshirt

The products in this shop are printed by Spreadshirt, the expert for personalised polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing or accessories.

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