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Oulu tuotteet x Japanilainen kokki = Hyvää Sushia!

Hätälä x Solailo =  Donation for school


This weekend Saturday, Solailo opens a popup restaurant at OIS, Oulu International school for their donation. All sales is donated for the school development.

For this popup Sushi restaurant, we have a great sponsor – Hätälä, Oulu local salmon/fish company. They provide the cold smoked salmon (kylmäsavulohi) for this event. And this Sushi menu ingredients are all you can get in Finland. We try to make Nakki (Sausage) Sushi for kids. This event Solailo tries to make the Finnish/Oulu local Sushi by local products. Try it, Eat it, Donate it! Come ‘on on this Saturday!


Cold smoked salmon Sushi: Hätälän kylmäsavulohi, kurkku, majoneesi ja purjosipli
Nakki Sushi: Nakki, porkkana, kermajuusto ja salaatti

OIS Restaurant day:

Hätälä Oy:

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