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Kiitos! Thank you! Arigatou!

Yesterday Restaurant Day, we made more than 300pcs Sushi and completely soldout withing 3 hours. And still many people visited after finished the Sushi rice, I’m really sorry for that.
Thanks to this result, we could provide the big donation for the Oulu International School. This is the first time of Restaurant Day event at the school. There were many variety of foods from all over the world, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, France, etc. Very international feelings and reminds us much, Oulu is the international city!

Addition, this time we sold Sushi  by 1 piece 1 euro, very competitive price. But hey, in common Sushi is expensive food, because of ingredients. This time, the cold smoked salmon (kylmäsavulohi) was provided as sponsor by Hätälä, Oulu local salmon/fish company as their kindness. Big thanks for Hätälä and because of this Oulu’s local salmon, for many Sushi beginners don’t afraid to eat the Sushi and satisfied. It is great thing and I got many responses that people said delicious Sushi. For Sushi, the technique is not important in cooking at home, but all the time the material is really important and always needs the best fresh one. So, please use the best fresh local food for Sushi, if you make Sushi at home.

The menu of Sushi in this time Restaurant Day, I have plan to put the recipes  on this blog, keep checking on further information.

“Solailo.” is supporting you who love eating Sushi, making Sushi and enjoying Sushi!
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Hello, today right now, we are still speeding up making Sushis. Our pop-up sushi restaurant is unbelievably successful….

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