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Now the TORIPOLLIISI Aurora T-shirt is on sale in the marketplace (Kauppahalli)!

The shop is Vassuska, located in the old marketplace (also shown in the TORIPOLLIISI aurora photo!) where is loved by all Oulu citizens and even famous place for tourist. Everyone loves that place. It is a great honer to sell the T-shirt in such a historical place, the icon of Oulu.

Please visit and touch/check the T-shirt quality! Also the shop sells many local products in Oulu and Finland, worth to visit!

This T-shirt should be a nice gift/souvenir of Oulu! Stunning nature of Aurora (Northern lights), Toripoliisi lovely statue and Kauppahalli histrical place, all famous spots of Oulu in a photo of the shirt. The copyrights issue was cleared by the license agreements with authority. The business is not easy but Vassuska/Solailo love this Oulu city, this is the power source. If you support us, please visit Kauppahalli and share info to your friends!

Oulun Kauppahalli (Oulu Marketplace)


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Unfortunately, now the Aurora T-shirt “TORIPOLLIISI” is withdraw from the webshop.

The statue of Toripoliisi is protected by copyrights for producing profit, it is under the statue artist’s property, even sitting in public space where is the most famous place in Oulu city :(. Currently under discussion for further actions with copyrights authority.

Meanwhile, please enjoy shopping with other Aurora T-shirts. 🙂
Now Aurora, northern lights season has started!


The products in this shop are printed by Spreadshirt, the expert for personalised polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing or accessories.

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17th of March 2015 was the memorial date of aurora hunters. The huge magnetic storm came, that was the most biggest in a decade. Also in Japan, the red color slight northern lights was observed at the north edge in Hokkaido. That time was very exciting day and it was the magical nights in many places of northern part. The magnetic storm, the scale of power is measured by KP-index (more info is here) which range from 0 to 9. At the wonderful night of 17th of March, the KP-index was observed 8.67, almost the maximum power came to the earth. The full power, 17th of March was such special memorial day.

This T-shirt shows the full power of aurora lights dancing in the city center. Regardless of under massive city lights around the Oulu’s main church, the aurora lights are clearly visible and it was the wonderful show. This is the AURORA POWER, under the almost maximum magnetic storm KP index of 8.67.



KP index of 8.67.


Finland aurora alert all red, the value over 1000.

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Oulu dialect, Oulu’s soul

“ToripoLLiisi”??? hey, wrong spelling! remove one L, should be “ToripoLiisi”. If you say this, you are the perfect Finnish language learner, or native Finnish from south. “ToripoLLiisi” is the Oulu and northern Finland dialect. This fat uncle statue is located at the marketplace (Tori), the center of Oulu downtown, where is the most popular place and many events are held. Because of cute(?) looking, he has been loved by all Oulu citizens and it is the symbol of Oulu city. According to wikipedia, he was born in 1987, not an old guy!

*) TORIPOLLIISI T-shirt is currently not for sale, due to copyright issue of the statue image.

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Oulu introduction (Youtube)

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Aurora T-shirts TORIPOLLIISI

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New Project!

New product line is launched – Aurora T-shirts. One of the Solailo’s feature is the photography of Aurora, Northern lights (Revontulet in Finnish), especially Oulu’s Auroras. Now those Aurora photographs are printed on the T-shirts, you can enjoy the stunning aurora pictures with your daily life, but also can give a gift/souvenirs from Oulu Finland which located at just behind the arctic circle and IT high-tech city.


The production and delivery is operated by UK company, spreadshirt. The ordering/delivery/service are all safety!

  • Delivery to Finland  is 4.00€ ( – 24.89€ product price), and 7.90€ (€24,90 – € 119,99 total product price), delivery time is approx. 1 week.
  • Global delivery to all over the world, please check the delivery price list.
  • Fair return policy by spreadshirt

The products in this shop are printed by Spreadshirt, the expert for personalised polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing or accessories.

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