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Presentation for Vappu

“Solailo.” celebrated Vappu (Mayday in Finland) by Sushi presentation.
Here has some ideas for future Solailo projects such as Sushi recipes, chopsticks etc.

Shortly, here is the Sushi recipes for this Vappu.

Sushi Ball

(Kylmäsavulohi/Avokado Sushi pallo)

– Sushi Rice
– Cold smoked salmon
– Avocado
– Purjosipuli (white part)
– Mayonnaise

Sushi Roll

(Salaatti Sushi Rulla)

– Sushi Rice
– Cheese
– Red paprika
– Salad leaf
– Sesame (for Sushi outside)

Please keep your eyes on Solailo’s posts!

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“Solailo.” launched!

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Hello world!

Now “Solailo.” official website is launched!! From far north 65degree location in Oulu in Finland, we deliver many of idea, products and creative new cultures. Stay tuned and also keep watch the latest news also on the Facebook “Solailo.Oulu” !

Renewal to “Solailo.”

“Solailo” added “.” function, then now renewal logo is “Solailo.”.
“.” shows the extension for future. Like in general it is the function of extension, such as “test.exe”, “test.jpg”, “” etc.

Now the “Solailo” is become common word, but it can be specific word with the extension such Solailo.Oulu, Solailo.Pictures, Solailo.Laboratory,,,,, Solailo is looking for something, it means that, we are flexible and we are always changing for the future. As you know, the world is always changing…


The page contains,

– Project Portfolio

Our latest project photo albums featuring Finnish/Oulu nature photography, Sushi party scenes and Interior ideas.

– Sushi party presentations

What a fun to make! How stylish Sushi is! Beautiful presentations for many party scene in Finland life. Solailo invites you to the new style of Sushi and provide the wonderful solutions for your party scene. When you have a party, try Sushi! and ask to Solailo for the preparations.

– Marimekko Interior Wallpaper

Solailo is the dealer of Marimekko interior wallpaper (tapetti) and sells by rolls (for reform, remontti) or by meters (for DIY). You can ask the rolls by contact form, or buy 1meter cut by our Webshop. Delivery to out of Finland by competitive price (outside of EU, tax free!) is also possible, please ask.

– Photo service

Make you change! Solailo offers photography shooting service mainly for house (sell, rent, reform) and beautiful Finnish natures.


Any question, question, request, please feel free to contact by contact form.

Let’s create happier life! with Solailo.


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